• Zion National Park, According to Ammon Cunningham

  • Posted on December 15, 2017
  • In part because he is an avid traveler who loves to write about his journeys, Ammon Cunningham has a strong desire to let everyone know what he has seen, so they can enjoy the same things he has. He also wants tourists to see his home state of Utah as home to many of the most magnificent travel destinations in the world, like those that can found in Zion National Park, which is a relatively short three-hour drive from Las Vegas. Though it is close to Vegas, it looks like a whole other world.

    Zion National Park is a favorite of hikers of all types and skill levels because it features some of the most amazing scenery in Utah or anywhere else. The landscape of the park features red rock cliffs and beautiful vistas, of course, but there are also spectacular waterfalls that are especially active in the spring, after the snow melt causes an abundant flow of water. Ammon Cunningham understands the popularity of the park among hikers, who will discover many trails, including everything from simple walks along the valley floor to hikes like Angel's Landing, which is incredibly challenging. In warm months, Zion National Park also features a sightseeing bus that makes stops at major sites and trail heads.

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